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Month of the Hungry Ghosts

by Sheryl F Hamza, PhD

Advanced Feng Shui Professional, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Many cultures have myths and legends about times when the veils between the worlds of the living and dead are dropped or dissolved. Some celebrate this as Halloween, others the day of the Dead. For many Buddhist, Taoist, and Asian cultures, this time is commemorated within the 7th month of the Lunar calendar, known as the month of Hungry Ghosts.

During this month, the Chinese believe that the gates of the underworld are opened and the souls of restless spirits are free to walk amongst the living. This period lasts until the gates are once again closed the day before the 8th lunar month. This month is meant to pacify those souls of uncared for, desolate strangers, and others forgotten by mankind. This includes suicide and murder victims, those lost souls who never received a proper burial, and past relatives and ancestors who did not receive the proper death tributes when they died. It should be noted that this month should not be confused with the festival of Qingming which celebrates past ancestors.


The Month of Hungry Ghosts is called this because it is believed that the souls walk about causing mischief in search of food and entertainment. A story is told that a monk sat in meditation and asked about his parents. He saw a vision of his father in heaven but his mother was in the lower realm. He saw his mother as one of the Hungry Ghosts.

These souls are believed to have long, thin, needle shaped necks, and large bloated bellies. This appearance is seen either as a punishment and thus making them unable to swallow, or to represent that they were not properly fed or honored at the time of their burial. This is a similar practice to the Sin Eaters of folklore, who ate food that was displayed around the dead to consume their sins before they ascended to heaven. These practices both serve to honor the dead and insure a happy afterlife for the deceased. It is believed that Jesus of Nazareth is the universal archetype for sin-eaters because his life was given to atone for the sins of humanity.

During this month, families will also pay homage to unknown wandering ghosts so these souls will not bring misfortune or harm to their daily lives. These souls wander the earth in search of food and worldly pleasures. To appease their appetites, families bring food on the 14th day of the month during the full moon. The food is placed on an offering table to appease the ghosts, and ward off bad luck. Lanterns shaped as Lotuses are lit and set afloat in rivers to symbolically guide all the lost souls, and any forgotten ancestors back to the afterlife. Meditation and prayers are offered to help the souls, and their families, find peace.

Do’s and Don’ts to observe this month-

  • Don’t stay out late, spirits will find it easy to follow you home
  • Do not stab chopsticks into rice, it looks like Joss Sticks used to honor the dead.
    • It is believed doing so curses you and your own death
    • It allows spirits to believe that this rice is for them
  • Celebrate birthdays during the daytime to avoid being out at night.
  • Night time photography could reveal more than your pretty face.
  • If someone calls out to you or taps your shoulder, make sure to turn the whole body so as not to snuff out the protective flames that sit on the shoulders.
  • Dark colored nails can make spirits assume you are one of them and they will try to lure you back with them
  • Spirits like the coolness of walls so leaning on walls could cause an attachment
  • Visiting abandoned homes or cemeteries could cause a spirit to come back with you
  • Being out on an empty street late at night can lead to harm or misfortune.
  • Do not use objects that attract spirits, i.e. Ouija boards.
  • Humans are believed to be weaker at nighttime while spirits are strengthened at night so it is best not to work late hours during this time.
  • My favorite and one that my own mother complained to us about ALL the time, do not open an umbrella inside the house. This becomes a place for the wandering spirits to find shelter and linger within the home.

Whether you subscribe to this tradition or not, this is a wonderful time for all of us to remember those souls who may be forgotten. It is a time to reach out and help those less fortunate, those who go without and may need a little assistance. It is a time for families to gather together to celebrate life and all the beauty and blessings the world brings to us daily. It is a time to sit in meditation and prayer, to give thanks to the creator and the universe and give praise to the abundance and joy that lay before us to enjoy every day. So, during this month on the night of the full moon set aside a small display of foods, candles, incense, lanterns, and money for their journey home. It celebrates not only the lives of these souls, but also the lives of you and your family.

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Summertime is here so its time to put all those winter clothes away for awhile.  

Years ago we would rotate our clothes by the seasons. Today we tend to leave all of our clothes in the same closets or drawers which lead to clutter.

To help with the clutter, and reclaim valuable space, take old or worn out clothes and recycle/donate them.  Do the same with clothes that are either too big or small.

If you're not sure what to keep and what to donate try this trick: 

Turn the hanger around in your closet and when you wear that piece of clothing you turn the hanger around.  

If after a few months you notice you have a piece that has not been turned around, chances are you have not and will not wear that piece of clothing. 

Sell/donate clothing-Many resell shops will pay you for good quality used clothing.


3 Reasons for a Feng Shui Consultation

Life can get busy and our home can often become chaotic. When you look around your home does it look out of control? Is it hard to relax or do you feel unsettled in your own space? If so, it's time to consider a Feng Shui consultation. Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of harmonizing the environment and creating a balanced energy flow in the space you inhabit. If this does not describe your home perhaps it's time to consider Feng Shui consultation.

Here are 3 reasons a Feng Shui consultation can change your space for the better.

#1 Feng Shui brings balance

Feng Shui reenergizes the Qi, (energy flow), in your space and brings the balance back to your living space. When balance is reestablished so is health and well-being. A consultation can help you open doors and increase the flow of energy in the spaces where the majority of time is spent.

#2 Feng Shui opens doors to abundance and success

Feng Shui is much more than choosing a few new colors for your walls, rearranging some furniture, and putting up some decorative décor. We have all heard that colors can affects our mood but a good Feng Shui practitioner has seen this time and again. Colors can establish and activate energy flow in a home which in turn can open doors to abundance, success, and a feeling of well-being. Good Qi (energy) can bring about a sense of peace and balance to your home and business.

#3 Feng Shui enhances your energy

It doesn't take long for clutter to build up. Simplicity, and balance go hand in hand, which is why some of the wealthiest individuals live with the least amount of clutter. Feng Shui can enhance other areas besides wealth and abundance. It can focus on areas such as business, careers, family, relationships/marriages, fame, and health. If you desire prosperity, a Feng Shui Professional can help develop a strategy for enhancing your home's energy flow through balance and placement thus opening your flow of greater abundance.

If you are ready to create harmony and peace within your home, it's time to consider a simple and easy home consultation. Feng Shui consultations can be done online or in person and will offer a step by step plan to change your life for the better. It's time to love your space again. Order your Feng Shui consultation today. CLICK HERE