Living in Harmony & Wellness 

 The Holistic Way to Healthy Living

Professional Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui Chart-BaGua
Wealth symbol with Koi
Do you have questions about your life that you could use  help with?

Feng Shui can help you create balance and harmony and help you find the answers to the questions you been asking for a long time.

Could you Career use a boost?

Is your relationships lacking special someone you always dreamed of

Do you need more Wealth, or Creativity

The answers you seek could be sitting right in front of you but need just a bit of tweaking to get things started in the right direction. 
Feng Shui Consultations can be done either on site,
or virtually. 

A complete interior and exterior evaluation is performed and recommendations are made to help enhance overall, Qi (energy flow), to increase balance and provide support and harmony.

In home consultations allow for client interaction.

***Virtual consultations are best for clients who live great distances away from service area and the client will provide photos of interior and exterior of home or business  areas of concern.
Certified Feng Shui Professional